What would my schedule be like? Can I work remotely? ​`


The local chapters are exclusively run by volunteers. Hence, actions mostly take place during the week-end and in the evening – outside working hours. Each case shall be considered directly with the local chapter and depending on the actions. 


Being a volunteer at the headquarter or at one of our offices means you will have to work with the rest of the staff and so be available during the week at our working hours: from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm. However, some missions can take place during week-ends or in the evening (events and waste collections). 

According to the mission, you are free to pick your schedule : 2 hours a week, one day a week, 3 days a month, every day for a month… It doesn’t matter as long as it suits you and remains coherent with your mission. 

It is also possible to work remotely on specific missions (content writing, translation, design, scientific researches…) 

Is there a minimum period required to be involved ? 
It all depends on the action or mission you wish to get involved in. In general, there is no minimum period. Obviously, the longest you will remain, the more you’ll be able to commit in depth and on long-term projects. 

Do I have to be a Surfrider Foundation member to volunteer? ​

There is no need to be a member to become a volunteer. However, being a member gives you the right to vote at the organization’s yearly General Assembly and a 10% discount on our shop. When becoming a member, you help the organisation continue its actions. 

Do I have to be of age to volunteer? ​

No need to be of age to volunteer but we might require the authorisation of your parents or tutor depending on the missions. 

Is accommodation included during my mission? Does Surfrider cover traveling costs and meals? ​

Unfortunately, SFE cannot offer accommodation to volunteers. If not mentioned in the assignments, you will have to cover the cost of transportation as well as meals. 

Shall I bring my laptop to work at the headquarters or offices? ​

We rarely have available computers for volunteers coming to work in our offices. If possible, we thus ask you to bring yours if you need it when taking part in missions. 

Are there any missions outside of Europe? ​

For all actions and missions outside of Europe, please visit Surfrider USA website (as it manages the entire Surfrider movement outside of Europe) www.surfrider.org, which is Surfrider’s global headquarters  and/or reach them out at info@surfrider.org